Rose Garden Ideas

Rose garden Ideas:

If you are one of those people who have avoided growing roses because you heard that  their finicky, pest-ridden plants, we have some news for you:

Roses basically have 5 needs:

Provide them with plenty of sunlight - Roses love the sun (with some exceptions). Choose a spot for them that receives at least six  hours of sunlight per day.

Water galore - Roses are as thirsty as a rugby player after a big game. Giving your rose garden a good daily drenching is essential to supplement rain.

Control Pests - Roses are known for attracting bugs like Japanese beetles and aphids. You will find many natural treatments if you object to a weekly spraying with a pesticide.


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Feed them - Feed your roses at least once a month with a  balanced fertilizer.

Pick your roses - Roses want to be pruned and groomed. The more you pick your roses, the more you’ll get (believe it or not).

If you have a spot in your yard that gets at least six hours of sun a day, is irrigated and easily accessible by paths and walkways? You have just qualified for a rose garden. Consider the following rose garden ideas.

A Rose Fence Garden
Climbing and rambling roses are ambitious climbers. You can completely cover a chain link fence with a plant every 2-3 feet. Start with bare-stemmed root stock, and train new growth along the chain links and support frames.

A Corner Rose Garden
A bare, sunny corner is the perfect spot for a climbing rose garden. Start with a few large boulders or rocks, plant 3-5 ground-cover or rambling roses, and stay out of the way. Within a few years, you’ll be spending more time containing them than trying to make them grow.



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A Centerpiece Rose Garden
Plant a rose bush at the base of your driveway lamp, now plant a few stalks to grow up along the lamp post. Red roses twine around the pole, and over the top of the lamp and spill around the ground at its base - amazing!

A Patio Rose Garden
Miniature hybrids and tea roses are quite happy growing in terracotta pots and other containers. If you are privileged to have a sunny patio, try filling a large strawberry jar with a couple of tea rose bushes, and plant the pockets with trailing alyssum and purple lobelia.

Research have shown that roses love to share with garlic and onion plants. The tall, spiky foliage of onion, garlic and chive sets camouflage leggy rose stalks. Add a border of low-growing ground cover, and let the roses provide shade for shrinking violets and impatiens. In doing this you will also keep away many of those rose pests that have been hassling your roses.

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